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First Cryptocurrency Marketplace in Iraq and Kurdistan

Are you having trouble buying digital currencies?
Aren’t you confident buying teasers from the other person?
Can’t you buy and sell teasers and other digital currencies whenever you want?

Kurdex is the first trusted digital currency platform and intermediary in Kurdistan and Iraq that includes a number of unique features and you can easily and whenever you want to use it to exchange digital currencies and buy and sell from anywhere to anywhere else in Kurdistan and Iraq.

We build trust by digitizing the trading process of digital currencies.


Kurdex provides a wide range of blockchain solutions including a fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, NFT marketplace, Kurdex Academy, decentralized software, etc.

1.Peer-to-peer exchange and fiat-to-crypto exchange

Exchanging fiat to cryptocurrencies is not an easy or reliable process in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. The main problems users face when exchanging cryptocurrencies are as follows: lack of banking systems, lack of reliable sources/platforms to buy cryptocurrencies, and lack of trusted and easy sources to cash out. Additionally, people have limited access to educational resources, and many are entering the market with the least knowledge about blockchain and solely based on a get-rich-quick scheme.

Kurdex aims to simplify the process and make the fiat-to-crypto exchange more reliable by providing a peer‐to‐peer marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies for local currencies.


How Kurdex P2P works?

The parties of a trade are referred to as "buyers" (those who are interested in trading local currency for cryptocurrency) and "sellers" (those who are interested in trading cryptocurrency for local currency).

When trading with a user located with the aid of Kurdex's services, cryptocurrency payments can only happen directly between the buyer and seller. We do not have any wallets or accounts that hold users' cryptocurrencies. At no point during a trade does the buyers' or sellers' cryptocurrency enter our control, unless the buyers use the Fast (Direct) Buy or Sell which is a feature on Kurdex to directly trade fiat-to-cryptocurrency with Kurdex.

Tether (USDT) trades are conducted via the Ethereum (ERC20), Tron (TRC20), BSC (BEP20) distributed computing network, which we cannot and do not control. When a seller sends USDT to a buyer during a trade, the seller transfers USDT directly to the user’s address on the mentioned blockchains. Kurdex cannot access USDT sent by the seller. It is impossible for us to have USDT directed to anyone other than the seller or the buyer. After the seller sends the USDT, he or she is required to proceed with the process by submitting the transaction hash (TXID) and a screenshot of the transaction to prove the USDT has been sent to the buyer. Once this is confirmed by the Kurdex team, the locked balance of the buyer will be transferred to the sellers’ account.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Polygon and any other cryptocurrency trades operate in the same or a similar manner as Tether trades, except that they are operated on their respective public blockchains or blockchain forks.

We hold users’ fiat currency in our bank or local payment accounts. A digital number with the ratio of 1:1 to the US Dollar is provided to the Kurdex users which act as the fiat currency and is deducted when the users trade or withdraw. Users can withdraw their balance in fiat currency from the Kurdex pool at any time of their convenience if confirmed that they have no open orders or offers.

Buyers must have enough balance in their Kurdex account to make a request. Once a request is made by the buyer and is processed by the seller, an amount of the buyer’s balance equal to the request will be locked until the trade is processed or cancelled. 

For more detailed information about the terms and conditions, please visit our Terms and Conditions.


Security and safety of users’ assets and data are crucial aspects of the platform.
Kurdex regularly updates and maintains the security layers of its platform to keep the data safe. Regarding the safety of the users’ money, Kurdex does not hold any of the users’ cryptocurrencies. Kurdex only holds the local currencies in its bank account. Users are required to have their own personal wallets or accounts on global exchanges and must add a correct wallet address on their Kurdex accounts, so the seller sends the cryptocurrencies directly to their wallet address.


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